About LX2A


In 1996 I was first licensed as LX3PL (B-licence) at the age of 15 years and upgraded a year later to a full licence with the LX2AJ call. I chose this call to remember my mentor Charly LX1AJ. In August 2006 I changed my call into LX2A. My brother David LX3DL and my father LX3CL are both hams.

I am a member of our national amateur radio club (R.L.) since 1995. I have participated in many activities related to amateur radio as a participant or an organizer. As a member of the scout movement, from the age of 8 on, I also participated in many Jamboree On The Airs and scout camps with a amateur radio station. I am a member of LX9UN and president of LX9DX Luxembourg DX and contest club . I take part inmany contests (CQ WW , CQ WPX, ARRL, RDXC, IOTA) My RTTY-activity started in 2001.
Furthermore I am very interested in Dxing mainly on 15M and 40M . I also participated in some small expeditions (for example XR3J in 1999) .Up to now I was active as CE3/LX2AJ XR3J (1998) HB9S (1999) HB2S(2001) CE6/LX2AJ (2002)

I am also the QSL- manager for a few LX-stations:

From the year 2000 on I started getting interested in contesting. Since 2002 my new contest call became LX7I.

I look for all of you in the coming contests.

Philippe LX2A / LX7I /LX9DX