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LX7I is the call for all my Contest operations since 2000. The QTH is in Eschdorf JN29XV.

A lot of different operators operated from LX7I and supported this project.

Current Station and Antenna Setup will be found under these links!

LX7I15_050 (Andere)

LX7I15_107 (Andere)

The station is still under construction, and actual informations about activities and scores can be found on our homepage www.lx2a.com QSL’s please to my homecall LX2A.

If you send a direct QSL please include a SAE and 1IRC or 2USD.

73’s and Good DX from op

Philippe LX2A / LX7I / LX9DX

If you would like to send a QSL card directly, please follow these instructions:
  • Ensure that the QSO information on your card are complete and correct.
  • Enclose a self-addressed envelope (SAE).
  • Enclose return postage as follows:
  • EU stations: 1 new style IRC or 1 US$ or 1 EUR.
  • Non EU stations: 1 new style IRC or 2 US$ or 1 EUR.
  • All QSL requests containing insufficient postage or an old IRC will be returned via the QSL bureau.