The LX7I Station setup changes almost with every contest!

The hart of the station is a very sophisticated Antenna switching setup based upon Microham Statiom Master Deluxe and Microkeyer II.

smd_front (Andere)


With this setup you can access ANY antenna at any of the 4 operating places, including Beverages and the triplexed Multiband “Multiplier”-Beam.

While most contesters prefer their carefully selected radio to operate, you just need to hook up any radio to the Microkeyer and you are ready to go. While the CW crews often uses Elecraft K3’s, Philippe is using mostly Yaesu FT-5000DX and the RTTY crew usually uses ICOM IC-7700 and IC-7850.

setup (Mobile)

Setup for CQWW RTTY 2015