März 9, 2016 0 Von DK2DQ

It was a nice battle with E7DX and I was always very close to him, but due to an
important meeting on monday I had to quit the contest early. I also missed the
good opening on 10M on sunday evening. Surely due to these 2 things I lost
about 300 QSOs and 2-3 multis on 10M.
I also missed the first night my 2el 80M ultrabeam which did not want to be
tuned to SSB. I suppose there is some ice inside the coils.

In the last years I put a lot of energy in putting up the station and only made
a few serious contest efforts. I need really more practice to improve my
contesting skills:)

thanks again for the nice runs and next time I will surely operate until the
end of the contest

congratulations also to Emir and Felip CR6K.
CR6K was still running nice pileups on 10M and I did not even hear any NA

Claimed score submission:Call: LX7I (@LX2A)
Operator(s): LX2A
Mode: SSB
Category: SOAB
Active hours: 36
Power: HP
Assisted: no
Club:Rhein Ruhr DX Association


Band QSOs States/Provinces

10m: 558 48
15m: 1301 60
20m: 1845 61
40m: 1068 59
80m: 314 41
160m: 102 23
Total: 5.188 292

Claimed Score: 4.542.060

73s de Philippe LX2A / LX7I