Mai 30, 2017 0 Von LX7ICOM

Call: LX7I
Operator(s): DL3BPC PC5A
Station: LX7I

Class: M/S HP
Operating Time (hrs): 48
Location: Northern Europe

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Band QSOs
160: 11
80: 443
40: 1255
20: 1636
15: 130
10: 0
Total: 3475 Prefixes 1157 Total Score 9,883,094


We tried “2OSR” -two operator single radio- this year, competing in the M/S category. There was not much time for proper preparations which resulted in a few technical issues which in the end made a difference in our score. The contest started of well with decent rates and we found ourselves even well ahead of last years score. Unfortunately on Sunday the disturbance killed the path to NA with the K-factor rising to 6. This made the day-time rates drop badly and the plan to get 4000 Qs in the log went south. But all in all it was great to be back in the chair of Philippe’s (LX2A) magnificent contest station. Big thanks to all the callers … Ron DL3BPC Aurelio PC5A